Redneck Horseshoes funny image

Redneck Horseshoes – Is this a thing?

Redneck Horseshoes

Did you know there is an actual product named Redneck Horseshoes? I didn’t either until recently, and I tried to see if I could buy an example of it but couldn’t find it for sale. It’s basically tossing beer bottle across the way instead of horse shoes, and the object is to get them into a 5 gallon plastic paint can. Looks interesting. Regular horseshoes for me then, at least for now.

The main image here shows a man playing horseshoes with a toilet seat. Sort of likRedneck Horseshoes funny imagee horseshoes for geezers maybe.

Horseshoes has been played for over 2,000 years, regular horseshoes anyway, and God knows how long toilet seat redneck horseshoes has been played, probably as long as there have been toilet seats, unless I miss my guess, and the rules are largely the same as the beginning.
Competitors stand across from each others sand pit (preferred) and lob (meaning throw at a high arc, arc meaning high and curved), the object being to hook said thrown horseshoe on the vertical steel pole in the opposing sand pit, or as close as you can get. Competitors usually have 3 horseshoes to throw, sometimes they are actual shoes from horses, other times they are plastic covered facsimiles (copies of horseshoes), which will likely cause less abrasion type damage to surrounding items, but won’t do much to protect someone if they get bonked in the head with a show. It’s still going to do some damage, and hurt. A lot. Redneck horseshoes on the other hand, whether it be the toilet seat type or the beer bottle type, can still be dangerous. The rules are largely the same as regular horseshoes, so anyone who has played one can almost certainly play the other.

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Just be sure to play safely. And no cheating! Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And redneck horseshoes.


Who’s wants to play? 🤣#redneck #redneckshangingout #alabama #RufflesOwnYourRidges #party #fyp

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