funny redneck car door lock image

Makeshift Redneck Car Door Lock

Redneck Car Door Lock

This redneck car door lock is typical of what a redneck does when his car door lock breaks, improvisation. That is what rednecks are great at. There’s the right way to fix something, and the redneck way to fix something. Clearly you can see from the picture which this is. Outside the box, unconventional thinking is what rednecks excel at. And cheap too.

Sure, he could take it into the shop, pay a couple hundred dollars to have it fixed right, but with that chain and pad lock in the junk drawer, he can just take a drill and any but, drill a bunch of holes and presto. What he probably doesn’t think about is how crappy it looks, and the labor time he put into the job probably comes pretty close in cost to what the shop charges. And beside that he missed a whole day of watching his Hee Haw reruns.

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