Redneck Security System

December 4, 2014 by 1 Comment

Redneck Security System

I can’t imagine a more effective redneck security system than this. Of course the dogs wouldn’t always stay there, so that entrance wouldn’t always secure, and besides, there have to be other ways in, right? So maybe the dogs rotate around to other parts, or maybe there’s even more redneck dogs?
I have actually run across this situation a few times, and it is a major deterrent to approaching the front door, let alone the property itself! At least these hounds are visible. I have had to walk onto properties in the course of an old job I had only to find one or more large dogs running free as a complete surprise to both me and them. I was lucky to not have been bitten, or worse, mauled. They key was not panicking, and not running, so remember that y’all!

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