Small Redneck Houseboat Image

December 3, 2014 by 1 Comment

Small Redneck Houseboat Image

Small redneck houseboats. Yep, What did you think you’d get, something nice and modern? Cabin cruiser? A Yacht? Nope, Most rednecks are a practical bunch, usually by necessity, and this is a very practical solution to a difficult question. How to get on the water and stay on the water for an extended period in comfort. Boom, here you are, solved. Stay in the trailer downstairs at night, stow your gear, use the top for fishing, sightseeing. Meals inside, heck even make whoopee if the opportunity arises. This particular small redneck houseboat will definitely git ‘er done by anyones measure.

Great for Halloween or 4th of July, get the redneck Merica hat with attached mullet.

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