Redneck Tuner – Lumber makes it better

December 4, 2014 by 1 Comment

Redneck Tuner

Only rednecks would think, “hey, we got this here Sentra, it’s a Japanese car, let’s turn it into a redneck tuner!” While Tuners called Ricers are, yes, Japanese cars, they generally (not General Lee) are NOT Nissan Sentras. Front drive Sentras of that time had only about 80 horsepower and a tiny engine bay, so in one thinks they are going to add a small block Chevy engine, or an Acura engine, it ain’t gonna happen.
I had a buddy who owned one of these. To say they are slow is a vast understatement.
So the rednecks have this stroke of genius, not to execute the idea. “We’ll use wood. It’s cheap, abundant, and easy to work. Hell we can strip out the wood from my trailer siding!”
Ok, so plan is in action, but I suppose the logical question is, what are you thinking?!? That’s not a ricer, that’s not a tuner, that is only a redneck tuner, and will never be anything else!

Exciting Kitchen Items

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It happens to everyone 🤷‍♂️😂 #backwoods #tuner #driftcar #truck #redneck #cityslick #viral

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