Redneck Yacht

December 4, 2014 by 1 Comment

Redneck Yacht

On one hand this redneck yacht is unique, pretty cool actually, but on the other hand it is ugly as sin.
I get the logic, “gots a barge, gots a mobile home, hells yeah, let’s just slap that bitch up top that pig y’all!
Unfortunately it looks exactly like what it is, a mobile home on top of a barge. Now if the thing was cosmetically altered, the barge painted, the siding and roof like of the mobile made to look more nautical, winner! Yet, as time has shown, that is not how rednecks do things. Function first and foremost. So this redneck yacht will likely continue to trundle along the waterways in all it’s redneck glory.
On the plus side, the seating / party area on the lower deck is awesome! I could see a waterborne wedding recption, or 4th of July party aboard, or a large fishing excursion, without a doubt.
A couple things, looking at the image again. I see the water heater enclosure, but see nothing to power a hot water heater, like a propane tank. And when you flush the toilet in the mobile, where does the waste go? I don’t see plumbing for that. Ok, so maybe this wouldn’t be paradise on the water after all.

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