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redneck dog

Redneck Dog – one good lookin feller

Redneck dog

What makes a good redneck dog? Not an easy answer, but we’ll break it down some.

First one has to understand that “Rednecks” really aren’t any particular ethnicity. Many will argue that point, saying rednecks are only white, live in the south, thump bibles, and are conservative. None of that is completely true, partially, but not completely. I have met various ethnicities of whom a sample could well be labeled rednecks.

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There’s the caballero rednecks, some Asiatic folks I have met living a redneck lifestyle, not a lot, granted, and of course the prototypical redneck mentioned above. Hell, I even found a picture of a Swedish Redneck, complete with a wood burning stove in his Volvo!
What are the commonalities? One is they overwhelmingly tend to have at least one dog, a redneck dog, and usually more than one. Of course many also live in rural to semi rural areas, many farm the land.  Duct tape is their friend. In fact improvising is huge among them, and that, many times, involves duct tape.

Good looking feller, this redneck dog?

Sure this fellow is, um, unusual looking, and that’s kind of the point, he’s a redneck dog. However most rednecks just have average, ordinary dogs, mutts, mixes, ranging from chihuahuas to blood hounds (that dog can hunt!) to pitbulls. However, most dogs belonging to rednecks tend to be the larger variety, for many reasons. Protection (why pay $40 a month for an alarm when I can pay $20 a month for dog food?). Companionship (come here baybe, come to papa. das right, snuggle right on up cheer).  Hunting (Go git er spot!). And breeding… Naw, that’s too easy a joke raght chair…

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That’s not to say that any particular breed of dog HAS to be a redneck dog, nor can any particular dog be ruled out as a redneck dog, it is pretty free form.
I live in an area with a lot of rednecks and a lot of dogs, and you can always tell a redneck lives at any particular place a few different ways. One is the car on blocks in the tall grass, another is by his or her multiple loose running dogs in the (usually) fenced yard. But generally these dogs are well behaved, but will attack should a stranger come on the property up to no good.

You see, dogs are mans (and womans) best friend, and have been for thousands of years, so when you get right down to it, rednecks have a lot of best friends in their redneck dogs.


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