Redneck Swede

December 4, 2014 by 1 Comment

Redneck Swede

Right, so I’m pretty sure someone will argue that redneck Swedes can’t exist, that it is purely a southern US thing. Wrong, and here’s the proof. Not only that but we have also shown that rednecks exist in Finland and the Amazon too. So let’s get right to why this Swede is a redneck. Who but a redneck would put a wood burning stove in his car for heat? And it really works, stovepipe and all exiting out the top. Inventiveness and permanent alterations that are potentially dangerous are a redneck trait, a hallmark that says I Was Here. He took the front passenger seat out of his Volvo station wagon and replaced it with the wood burner. If that’s not redneck nothing is.
On a definite plus side, he can also cook breakfast on the way to work, and diner on the way home.

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