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Redneck Tanks – They are Real!

Redneck Tanks

Now THESE are funny redneck tanks! How do I know that? Look at the treads, the cannon, the louvered windows, and the fact that started life as some sort of Buick or Pontiac. Yep, this is definitely the work of rednecks! Kudos! Ain’t no traffic jams gonna stop you!
Something like this redneck tank would come in mighty handy in rush hour gridlock, just scoot off the road and make a shortcut of farmer Bills tobacco plantation, randomly shooting that happens to get in your way. By God it may be ugly, but it’s hardly stoppable.
You know, thinking about it, this could well be a front line Afghan Army tank, that is if there weren’t grass in the picture. No grass in Afghanistan, only dirt.

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Redneck Tanks: When Your Car Goes to Boot Camp and Comes Back Ready for Battle

In the grand tradition of backyard innovation where beer cans become WiFi antennas and duct tape fixes everything, the “redneck tank” stands as a pinnacle of creative overkill. Behold, the image that screams “if Mad Max went to a NASCAR race.” This once-proud vehicle has been given a second life not as a sleek street machine, but as the Frankenstein’s monster of the motor world—a testament to what happens when a sedan has a mid-life crisis and enlists in the army.

Born to be Mild, Then Went Wild

    • The Makeover Nobody Asked For: Picture this: a car sitting in a lawn, enjoying its retirement, watching the world go by. Suddenly, it’s yanked back into the workforce and given a job it never applied for—becoming a war machine. It’s like turning a typewriter into a smartphone, a surprising but not entirely practical evolution.
    • Armed and Not-So-Dangerous: With a roof rack that looks suspiciously like it could launch potatoes instead of missiles, this redneck tank is armed for a battle that’s less “Shock and Awe” and more “Shock and Guffaw.”

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When “Off-Road” Means “Off the Rails”

  • Tactical Lawn Equipment: Forget about four-wheel drive; this monster has been upgraded to “front-lawn drive.” It’s the kind of vehicle that tells your neighbors, “I’m prepared for the zombie apocalypse or a very aggressive HOA.”
  • Camouflage Is for Amateurs: Most tanks aim for stealth, but not the redneck tank. Clad in a rusty hue that nature never intended, it stands out like a porcupine at a balloon animal convention.

Defying Conventions and Possibly Gravity

  • All Terrain, No Plan: This vehicular behemoth doesn’t just defy conventional design—it laughs in the face of it, then probably backfires.
  • **Battle-Ready or Just Bat-Crazy?: With pipes that seem to lead nowhere and a chassis that’s seen better days, the question isn’t whether this tank is battle-ready, but whether the battle is ready for this tank.

In the end, the redneck tank isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a statement. A declaration that says, “Yes, I turned my car into a tank, because ‘overcompensating’ is just another word for ‘imagination.'” So let’s salute the redneck tanks of the world—the ultimate combination of horsepower and ‘just because I can.’ They may not be stealthy, they may not be speedy, but they sure as heck won’t be ignored. And isn’t that the point of having a tank in the first place?


its…. the BATHTANK! #redneck #hillbilly #homemade #custom #breakitbetter

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