image of rainbeers redneck christmas

Redneck Christmas includes Rainbeers

Redneck Christmas

Celebrating a Redneck Christmas the redneck way, with PBR. That’s one of the favorite beers of them there folks, Pabst Blue Ribbon. Never had it personally.
So how do you know rednecks were involved in this crime? The aforementioned PBR, the furniture (the couch and table, ancient, the cinder block walls in the background screams prison) and the joke being Rainbeers is spelled wrong, ought to have been Reinbeers, so you you know they spell reindeer raindeer. Oh, and nobody really like spice drops, people eat them because they are there. Except rednecks. So what we have in this picture is a display set up in the waiting area of Camden County’s prison. (Camden county is a “My Name is Earl” reference for those who don’t know). Case solved.

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