Bad McDonald’s Sign

December 6, 2014 by No Comments

Bad McDonalds Sign

Bad McDonalds Sign

Bad McDonalds Sign

Now here’s a bad restaurant sign, or rather a bad McDonald’s sign, (bad McDonalds sign) that may, or may not, bring in clientele.  At any rate either a vandal stole some letters, an employee did it on purpose, or the image was photoshopped. I’m thinking it was ‘shopped.
By the way, the offer? No thank you, I’d just go get a regular job if I wanted that. And you know, McDonalds is supposed to be getting rid of items, like the big mac. Wtf are you thinking guys?!? You don’t drop the one item that identified you, you drop things like anus, erm, angus burgers, you loose the fancy shmancy cafe and diner crap.  You left the ranch, you went off message, THAT’s why your hurting. You changed your business model. You inspired so many chains, even starbucks, yet then you try to be a lower priced starbucks? Stick to what you always did well, feeding people (somewhat) tasty food fast for a fair price.

At any rate this is a sign that I’d have to stop and take a picture of, lol.

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