funny sign image get crabs from dirty dicks crab house

Get Crabs from Dirty Dicks

Get Crabs

Get Crabs…Wait, so tell me again, how did you get crabs? I got my crabs from Dirty Dick’s Crab House. As if the name Dirty Dicks isn’t, by itself, hysterical, they took it a step further with the whole I Got My Crabs thing. All in all the sign is harmless, truthful for their customers, and right on point. However the dirty minded among us will always read this sign differently, and that’s on us. I am one of those unfortunate folks who don’t fart pixie dust, and read into this the added meaning the restaurant meant to make pun of. Yes, I said it. No I’m not sorry.

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I got crabs!! 😳😳😳 #daddy ain’t no help!! #fyp #crabs #viral #winnahray #2023 #foryoupage #tiktokmemories

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