Twerking Dog

December 2, 2014 by No Comments

Twerking Dog


Twerking Dog

Twerking is quite the rage, I guess, but I don’t understand it, it’s a very weird behavior. Nowadays you’ll even see a twerking dog or two, which is weird too. See, twerking isn’t dancing, it is more spazing, it’s sort of like a butt seizure the way I see it. What gives with that? Someones butt flapping about isn’t sexy, and, well, if your butt flaps you just may have too much butt. And with a dog it is maybe a sign of worms? So, I guess this up coming generation will probably be horrified by THEIR kids when they drag their bare butts across the carpet pulling themselves with their hands and call it dancing. The dogs though, they’ve had that down forever.
At any rate, enjoy, and if you have any videos of animals behaving in cute or bizarre ways., do send them in! Even if they are twerking, as weird as that may be. Maybe dogs twerking ought to be called Derking?

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