Husky Says No

December 2, 2014 by 1 Comment

Husky Says No

More talking animals. This is Blaze, the talking dog. Ok, he doesn’t so much talk, as this husky says no. Just no. That doesn’t make it un-interesting. In fact I wish more people caught their pets foibles on camera. Pets each have their own unique personality, just like humans. My boy dog is like a grumpy old man much of the time, and lovable as can be. He even does his own talking of a sort. And my girl dog is always a bundle of love. Some of that sort of talking has rubbed off a little on her too, but lets face facts, she’s an attention pig.
This dog definitely has a big personality. Whether it intends to communicate the word “no” or if it is a happy accident we probably will never know, but worth the watch anyway.
At any rate, hope you enjoyed Husky Says No, and remember, we’d love to have your adorable pet video on here too!

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he WONT answer the question #talkinghusky #huskies

♬ original sound – The Husky Moon

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