Thank God It’s Friday

December 12, 2014 by 1 Comment

Thank God it’s Friday!

How often have you said Thank God it’s Friday? And meant it? And thought of Joe Friday? Ha, never, right? You will now. This is the Friday Meme. Celebrate the end of the normal work week! Weekends are for fun, chores, life and living. And family. Friday is diametrically opposed to Monday. Friday equals elation. Now, be elated! Feel free to use this on your status updates to show your happiness that another week of toil is out of the way. Yay! So, live it to the fullest, seize the day. To be honest I seldom do, but now and again.

Now hang on, you have the whole weekend to follow us!


Great rant from Joe Friday. #dragnet #jackwebb #harrymorgan #joefriday #harrymorgan #crimedrama #rant

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