hipster flintstones christmas image

Hipster Flintstones Christmas

Hipster Flintstones Christmas

Forget that Flintstones is mis-spelled in this Hipster Flintstones Christmas meme, it is still funny. What’s bizarre to me is the labels people have today for subsets of other groups of people. Hipsters for example. In my day we’d call them sissies and beat them up just because. Bros, which is regional to SoCal I understand, are white guys who dress in all black as well as a flat brimmed caps turned askew, and drive raised Chevy Silverados (usually) or other trucks. I don’t get it. Sometimes I wear black and have a 4×4 truck, but I’m not a bro, I’m an old guy with a truck. So many other subsets, but you know something, hipsters actually are still every bit as aggravating as sissies were back in the day. You see one and you instantly want to thump them, which on the face of it is not fair. Live and let live, but seriously guys, ditch the fake glasses and effeminate style of dress. Man up.

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