Super Size Coffee – a Truck Load!

December 12, 2014 by 1 Comment

Super Size Coffee

This is what I need to start the morning right. Super size me! Super Size Coffee story. I was driving out to the desert one day and I got behind this tanker truck with the word coffee on the back. I’m a coffee freak, no day starts without it, and everyone tends to stay out of my way until I have that first cup. So naturally I started laughing and snapped a picture, because a truck full of coffee is a coffee freaks dream come true. What it was really is a gasoline tanker truck belonging to some truck stop company hauling fuel, and they decided to advertise the fact that have coffee in abundance, something of interest to other truckers. Still, I’d love to see one of those filled with fresh brewed.

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GIANT EXTRA LARGE COFFEE (10Liters of Coffee) #icecoffee #coffeetiktok

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