Grumpy Cat Christmas Jingle Bells

December 7, 2014 by No Comments

Grumpy Cat Christmas Jingle Bells

Grumpy Cat Christmas Jingle Bells. He sure does have a way with words. I would like to hear him, or at least read up, on his take on the whole song. Probably goes something like “Jingle Bells Go To Hell, Come Here Suck My Butt. I Hate You, You Know It’s True, This Is So Very Gay, Hey! Suck My Ass, Smoke Some Grass, Or Go Suck An Egg, I’m Done Here, So Lick My Rear, So Glad Christmas Is Here.”
May need some fine tuning, but you know, record it, maybe it could be on a new Christmas special featuring the one and only Grumpy Cat.

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