Rubik’s Cube for Blondes

December 13, 2014 by 1 Comment

Rubik’s Cube for Blondes

Rubik’s cube for blondes? Yep. The Rubik’s Cube for blondes is definitely not fair, but it is funny! I once watched a blonde solve a really jumbled rubik’s cube in seconds. This was after I mixed it up two other times for over an hour and the blonde solved it again, then again. I decided that the blonde was simply peeling the colored stickers off, moving them to different squares and solving the puzzle that way, so I demanded to watch the blonde solve the cube a third time. I jumbled it up really good and handed it back. I’ll be damned if this blonde didn’t solve the cube yet again within seconds with me watching. Blew my mind.

By the way, I know a good many brunettes and gingers who need this version as well.

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