Funny Redneck Heaven Photo

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Redneck Heaven

Funny picture of redneck heaven, lought phore sail. Saint Pete, why he’s a gonna come a walking out that there building any time now. Yeah, this is what will be waiting for our hillbilly friends on the other side one day. Or not.
I took this picture about 6 years ago, and this building is still painted like this. I have seen a few other pictures of this pop up on internet land, but mine was the first as far as I know. No, it’s not a contest, lol. What’s is funny is it took several tried to get this picture. The building is off a very busy road and this lot (lought) comes up quick, so I kept having to circle back. I finally parked about 1/4 mile upstream and walked over to get this picture.
On this building, I’m pretty sure it was painted with these words as a put on. The guy was probably selling it, someone called him a redneck hillbilly or something so he took it to the extreme. That’s my guess.
So here’s what the picture, Redneck Heaven, says:
“Phore Sail                            (translation: For Sale)
4.5 Achers   3 Loughts”       (translation: 4.5 Acres, 3 Lots)
Then a phone number.

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