Redneck Underwear Shirt Beacause Redneck

December 4, 2014 by 1 Comment

Redneck Underwear Shirt?

Redneck Underwear Shirt? or is it a sports Bra? Tank top? It started life as redneck underwear for sure, but then something weird happened to this underwear! What the hell was he or she thinking? Ok, I’m really not sure what happened here, whether some guy was given a super atomic wedgie from hell and then he liked the look and kept it as a redneck fashion statement, or if he went to a place that required shirts, didn’t have a shirt, saw other people in tank tops and had a (not so) brilliant inspiration to tear up his (or worse, someone else’s) underwear and wear it as a tank top. I Seriously have no idea. It could be he lost a bet. Another possibility is it is a woman wearing her old mans undies as a makeshift shirt. At any rate, most redneck improvisation are interesting, even fascinating. This one is plain weird.

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