Redneck Ick

Redneck Ick

Redneck Ick picture of a redneck with a nascar driver's number shaved into his back hair.
Redneck Ick

This is a funny redneck photo, and an icky picture too. Redneck Ick is picture of a redneck with a nascar driver’s number shaved into his back hair. Now, yes, some men are blessed (cursed) with having out of control body hair, and curiously it seems like the same fellers tend to have bald or baling heads. Could it be the hair migrates downwards while they sleep, a little at a time? Or maybe the hair prefers a particular elevation when the man is growing and decides on it’s own, hell with it, I’m going back, leaving a bare pate? But I digress…
This man is nearly neanderthal, body hair wise, so I really don’t get going shirtless. Why not manscape if going shirtless is necessary. Yet to shave a nascar driver’s number onto ones hairy back? So there’s a nascar event, shirtless man, number shaved onto his shirtless back, yep, redneck ick.

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