Redneck Sushi

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Redneck Sushi

This exotic redneck sushi treat of the south is made with hand picked fresh or frozen corn dogs.

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Redneck Sushi

This seems to be the redneck way. Oh sure, sushi is supposed to be prepared from raw fish such as tuna by specially trained sushi chefs, however rednecks are a practical bunch, and not being close to tuna, they can improvise with corn dogs. Not hi falutin enough for you? Hey, there’s cabbage below, and swirls of delicious ketchup and mustard on the high class plate that serves this gastronomic delight. Your palate, tummy, and wallet with thank you for it. Now dig in, Clem! Honestly, this is a sushi even I’d eat, the regular fish stuff? No thanks.


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