Funny redneck limo image with mudder tires

Redneck Limo with Mudder Tires

Redneck Limo with Mudder Tires of Course

You can probably only find a redneck limo here in the states, especially with huge mudder tires. Take everyone everywhere in style. Prom at the hill top? No problem.

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Been driving the heck out of the limo these days! Guess it’s time to finish the wrap and start the interior 🇺🇸 #fyp #MadewithKAContest #PerfectPrideMovement #ReadyForHell #sunroof #foryoupage #foryou @lightingtrendzofficial @fjoutlaw #trailertalk #foryourpage #foryour #sendit #senditsteve #backyardbuilt #hillbilly #redneck #limo #roughcountry

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