Nasty street funny sign

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Nasty Street – Funny Sign

Los Banos, The Bathrooms? Yep. So, um, people really live here? Yep. Shot the picture of the nasty street funny sign myself.

Nasty street funny sign

Nasty street funny sign

Is this a real place? Yes it is. For those of you who know little Spanish, Camino Los Banos translated to Bathrooms Street, or Street of Bathrooms. How this street got the name I have never asked, but it’s a modern-ish development of homes that looks like the original buyers were probably Anglos, but is now predominantly Spanish speakers that live in the area. The name was probably suggested, and some white guy said, “Yeah, sounds all romantic like, or peaceful like, Los Banos. I like it, name the street that. The suggestee probably walked away snickering, and now everyone who lives there, well, they know. Who names a street what amounts to Shithouse Street? smh.


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