Poopourri Commercial with santa funny video

Poopourri Commercial with Santa

Poopourri Commercial with Santa

This Poopourri commercial with Santa is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. You gotta love this, I do, and timely too, lol! How many times has Santa got himself in a pickle after too much cookies and milk? Plenty, I’m sure, lol The Poopourri commercial touts a real commercial product that, thanks to this inventive and creative commercial, many a stinks, including my own hopefully, will be squelched.
The first time I saw any of these commercials I laughed myself off my chair. Then I became aware of this product line and thought, yeah, that’s pure genius! Everyone poops, because everyone eats, and most people are self conscious about leaving a foul stench behind (I’m not), so it is brilliant! Solving a problem with us since forever.

Exciting Kitchen Items

Fire TV stick 4K ad image on the funny Poopourri Commercial post


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