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Lip Reading NFL Games 2 – Online

Lip Reading NFL Games 2

You may, or may not be wondering what the players and coaches are saying on the field. Lip reading NFL games 2 takes a stab at it. Much of the time it’s easy, plain as the nose on your face what is happening in a game, on the field and sidelines, and other times not so much. But what if what you think they are saying is different than that?


Part 1: 2018 Bad Lip Reading #football #nfl #fyp

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This is where Bad Lip Reading excels, by taking what was said and turning it into something magnificently funny, most of the time, no matter the program.
In Lip reading NFL games 2 they take NFL snippets and voice over new words with hysterically funny results.
Watch as the players, coaches, and officials get lampooned in this, the second installment of lip reading nfl games on our site.

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