lip reading nfl games from bad lip reading lead image

Bad Lip Reading NFL Games

Lip Reading NFL Games

Lip reading NFL games can’t be easy. A lot of the time I watch it’s clear what coaches and players are saying, but most of the time it’s not so easy. This comes from one my favorite channels, Bad Lip Reading.

lip reading nfl games from bad lip reading lead image

What amazes me is the methodology they have to go through to create these videos. Sit with the sound off and watch, looking for words and phrases that may fit, AND are funny. The words and phrases are funny by the potential they have to fit the context in an unusual and surprising way. Then record what you have, many times with a voice that matches the original. That takes some serious talent.

This is the first installment of two currently on our site of lip reading NFL games, and as time goes by I’m sure there will be more. As the seasons go by there’s less relevance in some of these, like Jim Harbaugh at the 49ers, he having left at the end of the 2014 season. That doesn’t make these any less funny though. Not only are coaches and players lip read, so are the officials. That makes sense because half the time we can’t hear them on TV anyway!

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