Let It Go – Oo Oo Sings

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Let It Go – Oo Oo Sings Frozen

Oo oo is our pet stuffed ape. He’s never been a real ape, he’s just a hairy guy we picked up someplace a decade or so ago, and we have a hell of a lot of fun with the Oos (his nickname). Sometimes we’ll find him on the toilet in the morning, or waiting in bed for an unsuspecting sleepyhead. Oo oo is up for it all. When we first got him we left him in the car and sent one of the kids out to get the groceries, with hysterical results. This is the first time ever Oo Oo has sung anything, on camera or off, as far as we know.
Today Z wanted to make a Frozen video with Let It Go, starring Oo oo. So I obliged. This is the result. Z is 5, and she loves Frozen, everything about it, and at Laughshop we’re all about family.
So we present a Zoey Z Production, Oo oo sings Let It Go from Frozen.

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