creepy dancing baby video

Creepy Dancing Baby Video

Creepy Dancing Baby

See, this is why you don’t let people roam willy nilly collecting skin suits for no good reason. They become a creepy dancing baby. This must be controlled, taxed and regulated.
Alright, so what we have here is an adult dressed in a skin suit.

He has artificial muscles and body sculpting, with a baby head mask on. To be honest with you, if I walked into, say, my house, and this thing was waiting for me dancing, I’d faint. Add that damned song, tainted love (or is it painters love? Tainted gloves? T’ain’t it, love) and the sheer horror, ugh. On the other had playing Bob Segars Old Time Rock and Roll with it and maybe, just maybe I’d stick around to watch creepy dancing baby. Ok, no, no I wouldn’t, that was a lie.

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♬ Hooked On a Feeling – Johnny Masetro Brooklyn Bridge

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