Bubble Head Toothbrush image

Funny Bubble Head Toothbrush Video

Funny Bubble Head Toothbrush Video

This is Bubble Head Toothbrush, also known as Happy Cloud bored, created by Daz Black.

Bubble Head Toothbrush video image

Yes this is creepy, in a good way. Sort of. That is if creepy things can be in a good way. This guy has a whole lot of videos that you can watch. There are links at the end.
Happy Cloud appears to be a regular in Daz Black’s vines, so if you haven’t seen him or them before now you have. He does all sorts of creepy stuff that, well, I do find amusing. I am hanging my head in shame. Really.
Myself, I swear I have never done anything like this, although now I might. Just for the sake of research. No really.

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