Funny Buffet Sign

December 17, 2014 by No Comments

Buffet Sign Needs Fixing

Funny Buffet Sign

This is a funny buffet sign, even if it was never intended to be. Burn out the first two letters of Dynasty Buffet and you’re left with Nasty Buffet. That is a business that won’t be doing much drive up business, at night at any rate. Maybe in the day, when the error isn’t noticeable. This is why you have a sign guy, number on file, on good terms, stashed away in the office. It could take months or years to recover from this sort of malady, the embarrassment, the snickering. Remember, a memorable sign is memorable for a reason, make it the right reason. On another note, the dumpster on the left, under the burnt out DY, yeah, should NEVER be near the entrance!

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