back to school beverage fail

Back to School Beverage Fail

Back to School Beverage Fail

Maybe this back to School beverage fail image isn’t so much a fail. Afterall, the parental units could use this, the cost of supplies, celebrating the end of a long summer. But adult beverages marketed for back to school?

And sticking with this same theme, you too can get your own 1 bottle wine chiller right here!

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It’s back to school, but this one is for my fellow parents! We made it, kids are back in school and here’s a nice, refreshing sweet treat to celebrate. Made with a shot (or two) of soju, lemon-lime soda and a Melona bar, these are great for a warm day. And you’ll have melon bars for the kids after they get out from school! #backtoschool #melonbardrink #foodtiktok #foodtok #bayareafoodie

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