Whip It Santa - whip it good! image

Whip It Santa – whip it good!

Whip it Santa

Funny Christmas cartoon of a reindeer liking being whipped by Santa, titled Whip It Santa. I absolutely love Santa’s what the hell expression. I suppose this brings a whole new meaning to S&M, that being Santa Masochism, but didn’t we already know Santa was a little off? The clothing, the beard, the location he lives in, keeping elves held there working basically as slaves. What’s a little whipping for the fat man to give out, right? then again, the reindeer would become accustomed to the treatment, and may even begin to enjoy it, strange as that concept is. So whip it Santa! Now since I’m sure to have angered Santa and the reindeer, I’ll get ready for my coal next year.

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Santa Fires His Reindeer #christmas #comedy #santa #reindeer #rudolph #funny #festive #holidays #fyp

♬ original sound – Toby Stubbs

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