Redneck Mixer

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Mixer for Rednecks

Redneck mixer

Redneck mixer

This is a picture of a redneck mixer. How do I know it is a redneck mixer? Normal people have special, made for the machine mixer blades, but this is using a pair of scissors in place of the stock blades. This is a great indication that a redneck is behind it. Better still is that the scissors are driven by a freakin drill! Redneck alert! You know what though? It works, and it’s pure genius if you can not find the regular mixer. What I don’t know is wtf suklaamousse is. Is it a play on the french ?suk le? Or some other weird play on words? Maybe it’s a totally fictitious products? Looking it up now…please wait…
“Suklaamousse? Suklaamousse? Will you do the fandango?” no, that’s not it. Ah, oh, it’s the name of a Finnish chocolate mousse product. So now we can conclusively prove in the Laughshop pages that rednecks reside in the US, as well as in Sweden and Finland for sure. Probably a whole lot of other places too. We’ll keep looking 🙂

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