Redneck Dream Catcher

January 11, 2015 by 1 Comment

Redneck Dream Catcher – dreams and wishes

Redneck Dream Catcher – Yep, that would be the genuine article. Almost. This is close to being the real deal, with the undies, beer can, Skoal, but here’s the deal: The beer can would be a Pabst Blue Ribbon, or worst case Budweiser, although Busch is up there in preference. Skoal, we’ll buy that.

But the big red flag on this picture is the panties. These are about 10% the size of the average redneck girls unmentionables, they are clean, and they aren’t granny panties. Busted! Oh sure, there could be one or two redneck girls that could wear these, for a special occasion mind you, but by and large, no. Maybe that one or two is who this guy is hoping to dream catch?

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