Government Shutdown – Old Joe Going There?

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Government Shutdown

Funny Donald Trump government shutdown meme, Can’t get impeached if there’s no government. Did you know Goverment means Govern = Control, Ment = Mind. Anyway, I’ll bet Old Perv Joe is thinking this too.

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When Anarchy Becomes the Ultimate Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card

In a world where political chess matches are as complex as the instructions for IKEA furniture, an image circulating the internet presents a strategy so bold, it borders on the ridiculous: “Can’t get impeached if there’s no government.” It seems someone has just stumbled upon the political equivalent of “can’t fail your driver’s test if there are no roads.” That’s one way to look at a government shutdown.

A Loophole Big Enough for a Parade – Government Shutdown

Ah, loopholes. They’re the little glimmers of hope that every rule-hater clings to like a lifeline. And here, in this meme of mischief, we find a loophole so grand it could host its own inaugural ball.

  • The Anarchy Antidote: When the rule book gets thrown out the window, suddenly the term “impeachment” becomes as relevant as a Blockbuster membership card.
  • Government Gridlock: This approach to avoiding impeachment turns a government shutdown from a frustrating political impasse into a strategic pause button, offering a recess so long, even the kindergarteners would grow weary.

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Diplomatic Immunity or Just Immune to Diplomacy?

  • The Art of the Deal: It’s said that in high-stakes negotiations, you have to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. But who knew that “abolish the game” could be added to that list?
  • Strategy or Anarchy?: With a single strategic move, the chessboard is flipped, the pieces are airborne, and the kings and queens are taking shelter. It’s a hail-Mary pass in the fourth quarter of the political Super Bowl.

Government Shutdown – If There’s No Ref, Is It Really a Foul?

  • The Rulebook Rewrite: This image suggests that if you’re quick with your feet and loose with the rules, you might just redefine the entire game. After all, if there’s no referee to blow the whistle, who’s to say what’s out of bounds?
  • Democracy’s Dilemma: The meme winks at the age-old conundrum of democratic rule—what happens when the checks and balances get a little too “balanced” off the ledger?

In the grand theater of politics, it’s images like these that remind us that sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying—or launching a tweetstorm. So the next time the government hits a speed bump, remember: according to the internet, if you can’t find the road, maybe you’re just not driving the right vehicle.


What stays open during a #governmentshutdown and what’s the longest a shutdown has lasted? All your questions, answered.

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