Got Your Nose – How Scary the 1st time!

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Got Your Nose

Funny growing up photo, the old “I got your nose gag”, I can see how this could be traumatic to a baby. Now you have it, now you don’t, and shoot, you gotta go your whole life with no nose?

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The Great “Got Your Nose” Heist: A Baby’s First Brush with Trust Issues!

It’s a classic move as old as time—the ol’ “got your nose” trick. It’s the quintessential magic trick that has been passed down through generations, a playful deception that has delighted adults and horrified tots. But have you ever stopped to think just how terrifying the first encounter with this friendly sleight of hand can be for an unsuspecting infant?

There you are, a cherubic baby, living your best life, drooling over your ABCs, when suddenly—BAM! Your beloved grown-up, your rock, your source of food and funny faces, transforms into a five-fingered bandit. “I’ve got your nose!” they exclaim, as a thumb wedged between two fingers mockingly embodies your snatched schnozzle.

And in that moment, as their thumb becomes the most fearsome nose-napper of all time, the baby’s world is turned upside down. Wide-eyed, open-mouthed, the baby stares in abject horror. It’s a betrayal so deep, it cuts to the core of their gummy little soul. Who knew Grandma was capable of such villainy?

Got Your Nose

Let’s take a moment to consider this milestone from the baby’s perspective. This isn’t just about a missing nose; this is about trust. One minute, life is all pacifiers and peek-a-boo, and the next, it’s an unexpected introduction to the art of illusion. It’s the infantile equivalent of David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear. Only it’s not a statue; it’s your nose, and it’s not New York; it’s your highchair.

Yet, despite the initial shock, the “got your nose” trick is a rite of passage. It’s a baby’s first peek into the world of humor and the endless possibilities of play. Sure, there might be a moment of panic—can one still aspire to be a nose model after such a heist? But it also teaches a valuable lesson: not all is as it seems, especially when Uncle Bob comes around with his bag of tricks.

So, to all the babies out there, take heart. The world is full of wonders, and yes, sometimes those wonders involve temporary nose thievery. But fear not! The nose is always returned, usually with a tickle or a hug, and the knowledge that the world is just a little bit more magical than you thought.

As for the adults, let’s remember that with great power comes great responsibility. The next time you decide to play “got your nose,” be prepared for the dramatics. And maybe, just maybe, be ready to reveal the secrets of your magic, lest you want to be the starring character in your little one’s first trust issues.

In the end, “got your nose” is not just a game; it’s an introduction to life’s grand tapestry of jests and japes—a baby’s first step into a world where laughter is just a magic trick away. So go forth, nose-nappers, and spread the joy, but don’t forget to give back those noses. After all, we wouldn’t want to explain to a generation of babies why they’re all depicted in portraits without their noses, would we?


NO BABIES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS FILM… unfortunately Rory never got his nose back though 😔 he ran outside to play with a leaf before I could give it back #gotyournose #wlwcouple #wlwtiktok

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