Funny Pizza Sign Seems Legit

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Funny Pizza Sign – Seems Legit

From the department of Funny Signs – seems legit. This funny pizza sign says, sure dinosaurs are now extinct because they never had Woody’s pizza. I mean, why not? I know I’d be extinct without pizza. Oh sure, you could argue that science shows they died millions of years ago, but had there been pizza you can’t say for sure that dinosaurs wouldn’t still be around. You don’t KNOW that.

So if science ever manages to clone dinosaur DNA and bring those giant lizards back to life, they had better make sure to have lots of pizza at the ready!

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Paleo-Diet Dropout: Why Skipping Woody’s Pizza Might Lead to Extinction!

In a world filled with humorous marquee signs, one pizza joint’s declaration stands tall: “Dinosaurs never had our pizza and now they’re extinct.” Woody’s Pizza has boldly presented a theory that would have archaeologists and paleontologists scratching their heads and reaching for a slice.

According to this “Funny sign seems legit,” the key to longevity might just lie in the cheesy, saucy delight of a pizza pie. It appears the Mesozoic Era was missing one crucial element: a local pizzeria. Who would’ve thought that the colossal downfall of our Jurassic friends could’ve been avoided with a large pepperoni?

As the sign illuminates the night, one can only imagine a T-Rex, with those infamously short arms, trying to grab a hot slice. Maybe the frustration of never being able to reach the pizza box led to their untimely demise? We can almost hear the groans of a hangry Velociraptor lamenting, “If only I could dial Woody’s for delivery…”

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This humorous and doughy hypothesis presents a new angle on the asteroid impact theory. Was it a lack of carbs that did the mighty creatures in? If only there had been a Woody’s at the corner of Pangea, perhaps the great lizards would be among us today, sharing a family-size with extra cheese.

Woody’s, in their sage signage wisdom, is not just selling pizza; they’re selling the dream of immortality. It’s a marketing masterpiece that slices through the competition, delivering a punchline as fresh as their ingredients.

So next time you pass by a sign that tickles your funny bone, remember the tale of the dinosaurs’ demise. In a world where a “Funny sign seems legit” can capture the hearts and stomachs of the masses, don’t take your local pizza place for granted. After all, it might just be the lifeline of your species.

Let’s raise our pizza cutters high and toast to Woody’s, the pizza joint that has given us food for thought and a survival strategy all in one. And if you ever find yourself doubting the importance of your nightly pizza fix, just remember: extinction is forever, but pizza is for now. And now is delicious.


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