Funny Employee Recognition Awards Ideas

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Funny and Useful Employee Recognition Award Ideas

Once a week we have an informal “employee recognition” thing at my day job, and it’s usually for the most inane stuff. These funny employee recognition awards ideas make way more sense!
You see, those of us whom bust their butts day in and out, and despite the obstacles and impediments put in our way still manage to “git ‘er don” never get that nod. I’m one of those who leave it all on the field, daily, but I also dislike attention being drawn to me.

funny employee recognition eof the month sign

Recognition is almost free!

Recognizing and celebrating employees in a fun and lighthearted way can boost morale and strengthen team bonds. And it is almost free! See, pull your head of of your back side bosses, and see what your team really does, day to do. Here are some quirky and funny employee recognition award ideas:

caffiene award funny employee recognition awards

Caffeine Addict Award

For the person who can’t function without their morning coffee. That would be me for sure. A pot a day! However, I am weaning off the java.

funny employee recognition awards caffeine addict cup image

Human Calendar Award

For that colleague who remembers everyone’s birthday. We have a sheet of paper for this one.

Chair Swivel Champion

For those who can’t sit still for even a minute. I can make it a minute, but no longer than 5. Yet, if I really push it, 20 minutes is a snap.

The Bermuda Triangle Award

For the desk where things go and never return.

The Night Owl Award

For the person who’s always burning the midnight oil. This would be me too. However, this is not by choice.

Employee Recognition Awards – Elevator Pitch Pro

For the person who always has a story, regardless of how short the trip. Or the office loudmouth, and Lord, do I have one of these.

gag emplyee recgnition awards ideas loudest talker award image

Houdini Award

For the employee who can always make themselves disappear when there’s work to be done. Work with a LOT of these. And the Silly Dance Worker, who begins the silly dance of stopping work for the last half hour pretending to be engaged.

funny employeee recognition awards houdini and douchebag gag award

Early Bird Award

For the person who’s always in the office before everyone else.

Employee Recognition Awards – Office DJ Award

For the colleague with the best (or most questionable) playlist.

Walking Encyclopedia Award

For the one who seems to know everything.

Zombie Award

For the person who’s at their best before their morning coffee.

funny employee recognition awards zombie award image

Employee Recognition Awards – Microwave Master Chef

funny employee recognition awards best lunches award image

For the person who brings in the most impressive microwave lunches.

Nomad Award

For the employee who’s never at their desk.

Phantom Printer Award

For the person who always forgets their printouts. All of us in the office win this one daily, and we pick them up accordingly.

Guardian of the Plants Award

For the person who keeps the office plants alive. Although we have no live plants, we do dust the fake ones. Yearly.

Unofficial IT Support Award

For the non-IT person who everyone goes to with their computer problems. IT people are insufferable. So this guy is always there, but ever notice that someone else always tris to take credit?

Richest in Monopoly Money Award

For the employee who’s great at budgeting department funds.

Duct Tape Award

For the one who can fix just about anything with minimal resources. Furthermore, they can maybe make a desk out of duct tape.

funny employee recognition awards duct tape award mug image

The No Drama Llama Award

For the most unflappable person in the office. This is so valuable, therefore it should be the biggest award.

Emoji Master Award

For the person whose emails, chats, and notes are full of expressive emojis. However, I’m really not into emojis, seems like a poor substitute for real communications.

Steady Eddy Award

For the person who remains calm, no matter the chaos. therefore, they are no usually chao causers, even when they actually are.

Walking Dead Award

For the employee who’s still working despite having a cold or feeling under the weather. Me again.

Fashionably Late Award

Always the last one to meetings but does it with style. Nope, in our place you’re late you’re gone, even so, it does happen.

Serial Snacker Award

For the colleague who always has a stash of snacks at their desk. Albeit rare, this is accounting, always accounting.

The Human Jukebox Award

For the person who always has a song for every situation. However, I really don’t know who this would be in my situation. Indeed it is not me.

Remember, the key is to keep it light and fun, ensuring that the awards are received in good humor without causing any offense. Adjust them to suit your team’s dynamics and personalities!

For so very little, maybe quarterly, you can boost morale and team build with the funny employee recognition awards. Thereafter it will become an office tradition.


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