Christmas Expectations vs Reality

December 15, 2014 by 1 Comment

Christmas Expectation vs Reality

This is too true so much of the time, lol. Do your Christmas Expectations exceed the reality? How are your Christmases, do they measure up to your expectations? This shows pictures of Christmas Expectation vs Reality. The gorgeous tree versus the sad little tree almost never happens, the beautifully wrapped gifts vs the horrible cobbled together, mostly taped wrapping jobs, jolly Santa versus drunk creepy Santa, frosty the snowman versus the dirty snowmen we all end up with. Of all these I find the snowman example to be the closest to reality. Why is it snowmen never look as good in real life?


Plus its like 12 degrees and raining 😂 #christmas #britishchristmas #christmasinlondon #christmas2023 #xmas #england #london #humour #expectationvsreality #fy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

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