Ate Four Snickers and still a jerk

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Ate Four Snickers – Still a Jerk

Ate four snickers and I’m still an a-hole. Yep, I have really had those days too. Hey, solve the problem by getting rid of nincompoops, I say, but whatever. Snickers it is.

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When Snickers Isn’t the Solution: A Chimp’s Tale of Unabated Hangriness

In the animal kingdom’s riveting rendition of snack-time snafus, a contemplative chimpanzee has recently come forward with a startling confession that’s shaking the very trees of the jungle: “Ate four Snickers and I’m still an asshole.” Yes, dear readers, it appears that even our closest genetic cousins are not immune to the perils of hangriness. And sometimes, not even the promised magic of a chocolate bar can tame the beast within.

The Snickers Saga – He ate four snickers!

This particular primate, whom we’ll affectionately dub Mr. Grumpy Chimp, embarked on a gastronomic journey, hoping to find solace in the nougaty goodness of Snickers bars. The advertisement promised transformation – a bite supposed to turn divas into deities, curmudgeons into charmers. Yet, after four bars, Mr. Grumpy Chimp found himself unchanged, pondering his existential reality with a candied cigarette.

  • The Myth of Metamorphosis: Despite the commercials showing irritable humans morphing back to their pleasant selves post-Snickers, our chimp’s mood remained as sour as unsweetened cocoa.
  • Caloric Intake vs. Character Development: Mr. Grumpy Chimp has bravely brought to light a startling fact—perhaps it’s not the hunger that molds our demeanor, but the very essence of our souls. Or maybe, he just got a batch of duds.

The Hangry Chimp Hypothesis

Let’s explore the hangry chimp hypothesis: if a chimp eats a Snickers in the forest and nobody’s around to witness it, does it make him less of an asshole? The evidence points to no. Hangriness, it seems, is not just a human construct but a cross-species phenomenon.

  • The Sweet Tooth Conundrum: One would think that the sweet rush of chocolate and caramel would be enough to soothe the savage beast. Alas, it appears that Mr. Grumpy Chimp’s issues run deeper than a mere sugar deficit.
  • The Hangry Games: If the animal world were to host its version of the Hunger Games, Snickers would undoubtedly sponsor the event. Yet, in a twist of fate, our chimp has proved that when the hangry games begin, not all players emerge victorious—or less vicious.

Lessons Learned from the Wild

As Mr. Grumpy Chimp’s story virally swings from phone screen to tablet, humans across the globe can’t help but pause mid-chew of their chocolate bars to reflect. Is it possible that the solution to our crankiness lies not in a candy wrapper but in confronting our inner primates?

  • Beyond the Bar: Perhaps it’s time we look beyond the candy bar for our emotional and hunger-induced woes. Could meditation, exercise, or even—dare we say—a well-balanced meal be the answer we seek?
  • A Message to Mankind: Our chimp’s unaltered disposition is a poignant reminder of the age-old truth: sometimes, you just can’t change nature. Or perhaps, the problem was that he didn’t get to that fifth Snickers.

In conclusion, while we’ve long been told that “you’re not you when you’re hungry,” it seems that sometimes, you are indeed you—hungry, grumpy, and all. Mr. Grumpy Chimp’s Snickers saga is a humorous parable reminding us that while chocolate can comfort, it can’t always transform. And maybe, just maybe, that’s perfectly okay. After all, a little sass can be as natural as the jungle itself—even if you’ve had your fill of candy bars.

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In the first picture I use to eat 4 snickers a day on weekdays/schooldays, I don’t know why I was such a chocolate connoisseur but luckily I didn’t get diabetes. With this cripplin addiction I became obese and had bigger breasts then some of the girls in my year at the time, fast forward to this year and now I’m skinny as ever with a ridiculous metabolism. Who knows how it happened I guess me just growing tall really quick aided my weight loss. The difference between picture one me aka “Fatso” and current me is that I now am no longer fat and a weirdo but instead straight forward and crazy (I have voices in my head). #fyp#EndlessJourney#year12

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