Kill Me Now Awkward Christmas

December 18, 2014 by 1 Comment

Awkward Christmas Family Portrait

The dorky Christmas sweaters on the mom and dad sets up the kill me now awkward Christmas photo, to be sure, but the Bad Luck Brian style plaid sweater sealed the deal, I think. And what’s with the red turtleneck? Dude, those ween’t cool even when they were, in other words, never have they been cool. A man has to be PW’d to dress like that. The boy on the right, he’s okay with the picture, at peace with it anyway, but the boy on the left is not one bit happy about being forced to dress like a geek and tromp to the mall for a photo. I don’t blame him.

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♬ Wonderful Christmastime – Edited Version / Remastered 2011 – Paul McCartney

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