Asking For It

December 6, 2014 by No Comments

Asking For It Starter Pack

Are you asking for it? Wanting to get your butt kicked? Well, here’s how to start right up, right here with this handy guide to ensure it happens.

Asking For It

Asking For It

Every see someones face for the first time and it instantly pisses you off? How about someones clothing? Now take the face and clothing together. Arrrrg! Some styles of dress do instantly piss me off. Docksider shoes, hate them! Pastel clothing on men, any sweater tied around the neck and hanging on the back like a superhero gape. Gah! Preppy dress in other words. It just screams “I’m asking for it, so please kick my ass!” Men who dress like women are effing freaks. Oh, yeah, another Asking For It style of dress, dressing like your lady in matching clothes. See, here’s the problem, if she dressed like a man she would probably loose some of her femininity, but when he dresses to match her he looses ALL his masculinity. She in a pink shirt with flower prints is not the same as he in a pink shirt with flower prints.

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