Amazon Rednecks – World Wide Rednecks

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Amazon Rednecks

By Amazon rednecks we don’t mean tall redneck warrior chicks, but rednecks living in the Amazon. Look at these two fellers, riding their hand crafted wooden scooters down a hill in native dress. It almost looks like a scene straight out of The Flintstones! But no, these are modern day rednecks of the Amazon. So they must seen either motorized or kick style scooters, trundled back to their village and got to work making something similar.  Wait to see what happnes once they see a helicopter or airplane! Shoot, I’ll bet they go all Gilligan’s Island and fashion all sorts of cool stuff out of reeds and coconuts, much as any redneck might do. But you know what, these scooters may well be beyond the normal redneck’s building ability in the wild. Just a thought.

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