Because Redneck Camper

February 8, 2015 by No Comments

Because Redneck Camper

You have a perfectly good mobile home. Yes it’s dated, but it drives and you can sleep or camp in it. But you want to have a pickup truck so you can zip around collecting Pabst Blue Ribbon cans from trash cans. What to do. Ah ha! Cut the camper’s rear off and make that back end into a pick up bed. A Because Redneck Camper Pickup.

Now rednecks, they can come from anywhere, and there’s one thing they have in common, resourcefulness. Need a pickup? Make one out of the RV. Need an RV, make one out of the pickup. Never mind that there are easier, better ways, it’s all about the creativity.

Because redneck means that there simply is no other viable explanation. Example, why are they doing that? I dunno. Because redneck?

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