Where we are going

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Where we are going

Hello everyone!

Whip It Santa

Whip It Santa

I have been the webmaster, owner, or whatever for Laughshop.com since 1998, and I’ve been giving thew question of where we are going as a site some serious thought.
As you may have noticed we have changed the platform Laughshop runs on recently, so this is what, the 4th generation of Laughshop platforms? Something like that.

Laughshop has always been about amusement and humor, jokes, funny images, funny videos and so on. Trivia and recipes in the past were off-shoots.
In a way I have one of the best jobs in the world, I get to read and post funny stuff every day, and one of the hardest, because I have to try and winnow the “maybe this is funny” from the “unfunny” and the “omg this is funny,” while at the same time making sure the content is appealing to search engines like Google, Yahoo/Bing, a must for a free site like this.
Frankly I’m kind of tired of carefully posting items that the search engines will approve of all the time, working in a robot type fashion. We are a living, breathing human beings, and we have things to say, search algorithms be damned.
So on that note, when I ask where we are going, I want to add that what I have in mind is other topics too, things that we all can relate to, do in our spare time, about some TV shows, some sports and human interest type things. Things that are not necessarily amusing , but are part of how we as humans pass our spare time. A film review is a classic example.
Laughshop.com has always been about fun. that which we do when we, you, us, goof off. And yes, we all goof off at some point. Even when we don’t think we are goofing off we all, at some point, goof off online, be it at home or at the office. Sometimes that release is just what is needed.

So when you see us post something out of the ordinary, please be patient, no need to ask where we are going. It likely won’t be a doom and gloom piece, and no matter what the funny will return shortly thereafter. Better still, you’re always invited to participate in anything on here that you wish to,  we very much encourage that.
Don’t get me wrong, we love tickling your fancy, and we will always aim for that, just that now and then we will surprise you, hopefully in a good way.
You’re always welcome here, to stay or visit.

So, yeah, there it is.
Have fun!



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