Redneck Santa The Later Years image of old santa on a kids bike

Redneck Santa The Later Years

Redneck Santa The Later Years

Yep, years later he was still on the go, even without his youthful vigor. Timeless as all get-out, Santa is. For comparison, Redneck Santa, the Early Years is included too.

Redneck Santa The Later Years shows the effects of hard north pole living, despite the pampering he gets from Mrs. Claus. In the south it’s beer and lotto tickets for everyone, which is timelessly classic, because it is redneck practical. Who doesn’t love beer, and who doesn’t love a chance at millions of dollars? And neither costs an arm and a leg. Redneck Santa, of course, has long lost his yellow shades, but he has definitely kept his sense of style.

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Redneck SANTA & his SLEIGH!

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