Because Redneck Air Conditioner

February 12, 2015 by No Comments

Because Redneck Air Conditioner

Here’s another nod to redneck ingenuity, the redneck air conditioner. All you need is a styrofoam ice chest, a fan, tape and a length of rain gutter down spout. And ice, of course.
What is really funny about this funny redneck air conditioner is that it not only works, but nowadays this is an actual finished product being marketed! It’s not “as seen on redneck” but on tiktok!

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@oldschoolhats DYI REDNECK AIR CONDITIONING!! #rowdyroger #kuntrykinzie #fy #fyp #air #conditioner #cool #ac #dyi #diy #oldschoolhats

♬ original sound – rog_37

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