Because Redneck Grill

Because Redneck Grill You’re at the local park, you want to grill some fresh road kill, what do you do? Gather rocks and old bricks from the culvert, stack them in a circle, light some scrap wood and slap a grocery cart (they call them buggies in some areas) over the makeshift fire pit, presto, a … Read more

What Flavor?

What Flavor? Hello, Yeo’s, what flavors do you have? I’m sorry, what was that again? Right, so it that a descriptive of what you think the flavor (flavour) tastes like, or it’s actual name? What? So, it actually is crap flavored? Ok, I’ll pass on that. What else do you have? I’m looking for something … Read more

Because Redneck Tattoo

Because Redneck Tattoo Sometimes you just have to shake your head and attribute things like this tattoo to, well, Because Redneck tattoo, that’s why. Does he knows that, erm, trim levels have changed to much shorter, erm, crops over the years? Maybe it’s modeled after his mom. Ooooh, I mean girlfriend. Oooooh, same thing… I’m … Read more